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Greetings from AA24, from San Francisco to New York's JFK Airport

Yep, back to blogging while flying.  Sorry I didn't get to post anything this week.  I was in California but the trip was crazy busy.  For once I was actually kind of relieved to have my usual West Coast jet lag - it's the only way I managed to avoid oversleeping every day.  Anyway, we're stuck in a holding pattern now, so why not do a longer-than-usual post?

The trans side of the trip was certainly fun.  The travelogue should be familiar by now.  I flew in to LA on Monday, and spontaneously combusted as soon as I exited the airport.  For those of you who didn't see the news, LA had an all-time recordbreaking hot day.  In Century City, where I had lunch, it was 107 degrees at 1:00.  Torrance, where I stayed, was probably hotter.  Anyway, I had a busy afternoon, so no fun time until late afternoon when I met up with my friend Sara.  Mercifully, my warm weather makeup mojo had not abandoned me, so I think I managed to look ok.  Paired my floral dress with some cute sandals, didn't even consider stockings, and headed out to (you guessed it) Del Amo Fashion Center.

This time we finally got the order of operations right and STARTED with happy hour at PF Changs.  We caught up a bit, talking about this and that.  Sara is growing her hair out and it's now long enough that she can put it in fem styles.  Putting it mildly, it looks terrific and it enhances her fem appearance immensely.  (And yes, I was more than a little envious...)  Anyway, we cleaned out PF Chang's bar just as happy hour was ending, and decided to do some shopping.  Sara had an ulterior motive - we passed by the Bobbi Brown counter at Macy's and before you could say "eyeshadow" I was in the chair having a makeover.  The artist, whose name currently escapes me, did a really nice job.  So I will be trying out some BB products.  Who knows?  Maybe my multi-year infatuation with MAC will finally ebb a bit.  Did a little more shopping, and I snagged a super cute bracelet at Coach.  A little more wandering and it was time for us both to call it a night.  A great time all around, and serious hats off to Sara for how great she's looking these days.

Tuesday I did not have any meetings (long story) so the day was an interesting mix of spending some time en femme and working like an absolute freaking maniac on a zillion crises that spontanouesly erupted like acne on my schedule.  Got a lot of pics, though, including some really hot ones, if I say so myself, as I get used to being able to show off a lot more skin.  I think I can safely say that the second attempt at cleavage worked out much better!  Anyway, by late afternoon it was time to go up to West Hollywood to see Cleo.  By this point Cleo must assume that the only fem clothes I have consist of a denim mini and a black top, but given the still-damn-warm weather I did not have any other casual outfits.

Cleo is incredibly sharp, and definitely has an argumentative streak (in the sense of a debater, not a pain in the ass).  She had been having a rough week, as had I, and so we enjoyed a somewhat more animated discussion than I think either of us intended at dinner.  It was actually just what I needed, and a great reminder that trans friendships seem infinitely richer the less they relate to trans topics.  Politics, academics, taxes and music all got their fair share, as we enjoyed a terrific dinner at La Poubelle.  By the way, if we had a French bistro like that near my house, I'd weigh 265 pounds and have a liver the size of Iowa.  Anyway, we finished our chat, and I managed to get back to the hotel without falling asleep at the wheel.  Mercifully I remembered to pack, and then got back to work until I fell asleep at my desk and decided that was enough for one night.

...only to wake up about four hours later for my flight to San Francisco.  Another crazy day and I wound up in Palo Alto to see Lena.  Lena, as in "I'm leaving for Hawaii in 12 hours" Lena.  Not that I was jealous or anything.  And honestly it was very sweet of her to take a bunch of time the night before to get together for dinner.  We went to St. Michael's Alley in Palo, which is an absolute knockout of a restaurant.  Highly recommended!  Another great visit ensued, though we both called a relatively early night.  Realistically I was just out of steam.  Got back to the hotel, and then I barely managed to get my makeup off before falling asleep.

The next morning (this would be yesterday, Thursday) my meetings started at the positively ungodly hour of 7am and ran until 8:30pm. Sheesh.  I just went back to the hotel, did a quick makeup job and enjoyed a couple quiet hours in my hotel room having a couple nightcaps.  Interestingly, after such a long time of almost invariably going out when I take the time to dress up, I'm definitely getting back to a point where I can very much enjoy a few hours of alone time en femme.  Particularly when I have even more outfits to test out :)

Which brings me to today, and my exhausted girlie ass stuck on this interminable flight to New York.  I've been sorting photos for a lot of the flight, and I think a couple people in the rows behind me have been looking over my shoulder a bit.  I wonder what they have been thinking :)

I know what I am thinking.  It was a fun and productive trip, and now I am ready to be home.

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