Erica Foley (ericacd) wrote,
Erica Foley

Hi! and all that.

I don't want to go weeks and weeks without posting something.  So here's at least a little "what I have been doing" since I got back from California.


End of post.

Just kidding, though I have been pretty slammed at work.  On Wednesday I also went to a benefit for my good friend A.B. Lugo, who is going to his native Puerto Rico to see one of his plays presented at an important forum there.  The event was held at a bar called Pieces, where MC Will Clark puts on Porno Bingo for worthwhile causes every week.  I never win at bingo, but given that the prizes consisted of gay porn (hence the name) I was not too distraught.  But it was a REALLY fun evening.  Lailah Lancing performed a couple songs and she was fabulous.  Run, don't walk, to buy her debut!  And it was lovely to see A.B. and Basil, and to make a bunch o' new friends!  I'll be back for sure!

Yesterday I had a rare weekend outing.  My friend Jenny is in town from Norway, along with a good friend from Sweden.  As it happens, another long-time denizen at mHB was in town as well.  So we made arrangements and got together for lunch, and when all was said and done we had eight people meeting up!  I finally met Liz and DJ, also from mHB, and Donna - whom I had not seen in ages.  That was a really good time.   Felt kind of strange though because I was the only non-transitioning/ed trans person there en femme.  Oh well, the world seems not to have exploded again.

This week I should be able to get together with Jenny and Marinella again.  Looking forward to that!  But not to the chaos at work between now and then.

OK, have to get back to it here.  Photos to follow of outfits from this week :)
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