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apologies, contrition, regrets, etc. (for not having blogged more)

Ok, enough of that.  Let's get re-acquainted with a little bit o' "What has Erica been up to?"  In a word, TRAVEL.  I got to spend most of October on the road, preparing to be on the road, or recovering from being on the road.  Fem time, yes, but exhausting all around.

A few weeks after going to California in late September, I got to spend a few days in San Antonio.  It's my second hometown, and easily the most conservative city in which I have ever spent time en femme.   While I had a decent amount of trepidation, it did not keep me indoors the whole trip.  Interestingly, things went exceptionally smoothly - no misgendering, precious few second looks, no stares.  Maybe it's just that the people are polite.  Maybe they have so little exposure to trans people that they just didn't figure it out.  Anyway, it was a lot of fun and the weather was spectacular.

I barely got back and had to immediately turn around for a couple days in San Francisco.  That trip was a quick one, and generally lousy all around.  The only bright spot was being able to have dinner with Lena the last night.  As always, an unqualified pleasure.  I was also delighted to learn that the Grand Cafe on Geary Street serves a cassoulet that is as delicious as it is non-traditional.  Other than some nice photos, the memory of that evening is the only pleasant souvenir from that little jaunt. 
Oh yeah ...  just before the San Antonio trip I went to the Hallowe'en party at Triangles, which was a terrific event.  I was delighted that my friends Anna and Dev were there!  I hadn't seen either of them in months, and it was wonderful to catch up a bit.  Even discounting my momentary envy at how incredible both of them looked.  Anna is a natural stunner, so I was prepared to be wowed there.  But the last several times I have seen Dev, she was in androgynous clothing and little if any makeup.  On Saturday, she was fully herself and simply fabulous - and the happiness in her expression was the best part of all.

Yes, I went in costume.  The picture is on my flickr page.  Go ahead and take a look. I'll be here when you get back.

And with that, I've been trying to resume a semi-normal trans life in NYC.  It just seems like I never really got back into the swing of things since getting back from Texas in September.  It's probably just my imagination, since I can look at the calendar and see that I have indeed been getting out pretty regularly.  I've also been working with a lot of different looks to learn a bit more about my newly re-shaped body.  I will discuss that in more detail soon.

And what's on my mind?  A lot.  Specifically, I am back to thinking about coming out.  I have not magically come up with answers to some (hell, any) of the questions that were bedeviling me a few months ago.  But there's still a sense in my mind that says that coming out is the right thing.  It just feels like Helene and I are increasingly having to self-censor ourselves in "real life", as my fem life becomes an increasingly significant part of my - indeed, our - shared experience.

I'll try to get into that a little more when I am in a deep-thought mood.  Right now, I need to get a little more work done before the weekend.

More soon!

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