Erica Foley (ericacd) wrote,
Erica Foley

This is a really disturbing thought....

...but it's true.  I was thinking about the various derogatory, demeaning and hurtful remarks that have been directed at me over the last five years because I happen to be trans.  As I think I have made clear, I am extremely fortunate that these are not nearly as common as they seem to be for so many others... but it still happens, of course.

This is the disturbing part:  Overwhelmingly, the cruelest and worst insults have come from others in the transgender community.  And I hate to say it, but nearly all have come from transitioning/transitioned/stealth transexuals. 

Now, obviously, I am not saying that all transitioners are guilty.  Quite the contrary: the vast majority that I know are incredibly supportive, tolerant and understanding of the very different way that my peculiar gender identity expresses itself.  But the small minority that evidently do not feel that way have been far more effective at making me feel ashamed, guilty, clumsy and ugly (in the emotional sense) than everyone else in this big mean ol' world put together.

It's actually a terribly depressing thing to have realized. 
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